Seba Camp - September 2013

Sep 11, 2013 Seba Camp
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What a change a month makes! September has been increasingly warm as we build up from spring into summer and the days slowly lengthen and increase in temperature while the bush on the Abu Concession continues to thin out and dry. The annual inundation waters have all but disappeared and even the deepest channels are now drivable - but sadly that means that boating is at an end for the year.

But it is not all gloom as the sightings have been fantastic with the thinning bush and also areas that had burnt in a massive fire before the annual inundation and have been covered with water have now been uncovered and the once burnt and charred land is now a blanket of short green grass attracting multitudes of grazing animals ranging from tsessebe and wildebeest to the mighty buffalo. With the influx of grazing mammals there are always the following predators and sightings of lion and leopard have been particularly good this month.

Some notable sightings for the month included seeing a herd of about 30 elephant around camp one night, while we were having dinner all right around the decking of the camp, with tiny little calves playing in the open patch in front of camp! We also enjoyed a sighting of a leopard stalking a bushbuck ewe in front of camp, the stalk was unsuccessful for the leopard, but it was incredible to watch.

With the change in season comes the beautiful aromas of spring and early summer, as African mangosteens and knobthorns come into flower and seem to perfume the environment. The bush seems to be clinging to the hope for rain as much as we are, and though we have had some promising clouds build up, no rain has fallen to quench the thirsty lands as yet.

September is a very special month in Botswana: not only did we celebrate World Rhino Day, but the 30th of September is Botswana’s Independence Day. A day of celebration, where staff and guests alike shared in the festivities as we all tried to paint the town blue, black and white in honour of 47 years of independence.

So after another incredible month, Pula to all! And we hope to see you soon at Seba.

Managers in camp: Tim, Hailey, Ian, Tizzar and Caroline.

Guides in camp: Matamo, Speedy, Jacko.

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