Segera Retreat - July 2013

Aug 5, 2013 Segera Retreat
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Wildlife – Lions at home
Recently we have been having more and more sightings of our lion pride around the Retreat. There are two elements: first, the roaring during the night, which contributes to an exciting, aural experience, and then, thrillingly, the visual sightings in the plains not far away from the oasis. There is nothing as exciting and African as following the footsteps of the lions!

Our conservation unit and the experienced guides who have been living their entire life in the Laikipia record and monitor the lion prides as part of the Segera Conservation Programme. Guests love the interaction and feel like they have gone back in time to the days of the early explorers.

Culinary - Segera Ingredients
At Segera we put a lot of effort into our farm-to-table approach when it comes to cooking and dining. We believe in fresh, we believe in locally sourced, we believe in educational activities that support sustainable agriculture throughout the Greater Segera area. What is not grown or raised on our own land is grown on neighbouring farms and ranches, providing a mutually beneficial relationship with local farmers and growers, minimising our carbon footprint and providing vital revenue to, and encouraging sustainable practices for, our Kenyan neighbours now and for the future.

Take a tour of our flourishing vegetable and herb garden, try our fresh trout, procured locally from nearby streams, sample our honey—the delicious result of our recently implemented honey production programme—and learn about Kenya’s cultural tradition of Boran cattle herding and the range-fed beef it produces. This is our 4Cs philosophy at work, and it is delicious.

Safari Style – Good to know…
We want Segera to be your dream ‘home away from home,’ a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Therefore, casual dress is the norm but you can dress up at night to your liking. Because of Segera’s temperate climate, we recommend light and breathable clothes by day to keep you cool, layered with a fleece top or light sweater for added warmth in Segera’s cooler evenings.

If you are booking a safari, khaki-, brown-, olive- and beige-coloured clothes are suitable to help blend in with the colours of the African landscape thereby increasing opportunities to view animals in the wild. Walking shoes or boots are recommended for on-foot adventures and longer excursions. Of course nothing is needed around the pool except for a bathing suit, hat and sunscreen to protect your skin from the strong Kenyan sun.

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