Segera Retreat - September 2013

Sep 18, 2013 Segera Retreat
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Access Like Nowhere Else
The completion of the upgraded Segera airstrip is of great advantage not only to time-concerned travellers. The all-weather surface offers perfect and safe conditions for landing and take-off all year around. Local charter companies can fly from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport straight into Segera without even leaving the airport in the busy city of Nairobi. After a smooth landing at Segera, the aircraft will taxi you straight to the Star Deck, where you alight and step immediately into the oasis called Segera Retreat, facing Mount Kenya. Karibu Segera!

Four male lions have moved onto the Segera area and so far, it seems that they intend to take over territory and make their mark. The existing prides of lion are not too amused and have been defending their territories. Our guests are actively participating in monitoring the movements of the predators around the Retreat and gain stunning photographs as well as inside knowledge thanks to their guides and in interacting with the wildlife rangers who monitor the mammal movements on Segera daily.

The Spectator UK goes Segera
Recently, Olivia Cole visited Segera and spent time with the owner. She wrote a lovely article, ending with the following words: “Back home, I wear my beautiful bracelets made by Satubo Women’s Beading Project with pride. If I look like an overgrown gap year tragedy, so be it. It’s never too late for a reality check”. Segera offers an experience way beyond the usual African nature and wildlife expectations.

Villa Segera and Segera House
The stone-clad Segera House, accommodating four people, is roomy and luxurious complete with a lounge, raised observation deck and private garden and pool. Villa Segera is a perfect romantic retreat for a couple, consisting of two wooden buildings connected by a swing bridge, with a private veranda, pool and lounge area. Fine African antiques and art decorate both the Segera House and Villa Segera.

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