Selinda Camp - August 2012

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As we slide out of winter towards summer, and the temperatures start to rise in anticipation of the summer rains, animals are using the Selinda Spillway as their saving grace in these dry times. The game abundance this month on the northern side of the Spillway has been simply breathtaking. Elephants are coming down in large numbers now to feed and drink along the edge of the Spillway, from around midday well into the late afternoon.

We've had an absolute glut of big cat sightings. The small resident pride of four lioness has been courted this month by no fewer than four separate male lions; our Selinda Pride male, a coalition of two brothers from deeper west into the concession, and a large male from neighbouring Namibia. With all the mating going on, we expect interesting times ahead.

Leopards are sighted regularly now and we've been treated to sightings of a new cub in the days leading up to the end of August. The cub was well hidden for most of the month, and we finally got a glimpse of the youngster at the end of August. The cub is still tiny, and just resembles a small ball of fluff.

The buffalo have arrived in huge numbers with the average herd size being in excess of 200 individuals. The highlight was when a few of these herds converged in the same location near camp. We got to enjoy this super congregation from the boat - we estimate that the herd was no smaller than 2000 buffalo, all drinking and wallowing along the Selinda Spillway. It was truly an incredible sight - the dust cloud that was stirred up by the herd hung in the air well into the evening.

We've had some excellent cheetah sightings too - the most notable of which was an interaction between the two spotted feline species in the area. Our guests got to witness a cheetah kill - but it didn't stop there, as a large leopard was quickly on the scene. There was a lot of visual displaying going on in the form of hissing, snarling and growling. No physical fight ensued, and both spotted felines shared the carcass - a remarkable interaction between two predator species!

The Selinda wild dogs have now left the den and all nine puppies are now ranging around with the adults - they've been moving in and out of our concession to the north and we've had some excellent sightings of them! It is great that the alpha female has managed to protect and shelter her nine pups and we hope we'll be seeing them through to adulthood.

General game has been excellent too - the usual night-time hippo sightings, herds of zebra, red lechwe and lots and lots of giraffe.

We hope to see you out here soon!
Bush Greetings from the whole Selinda Team.

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