Selinda Camp - February 2012

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Another beautiful month has passed at Selinda Camp.

Although it's the rainy season, we did only get half an hour of rain in the afternoon every third day or so. It's actually a nice way of freshening up the area. Having said this, we did experience two huge African thunderstorms. It was fascinating to watch the thick, grey rain-bearing clouds roll in and consume the blue sky, followed by a very impressive and dramatic thunder and lightning display which then led into a wash of rain.

We experienced another beautiful scene during the last week of the month, when we followed four lion during a morning drive. They were very focused and were walking with intent, gazing into some thick vegetation. We immediately thought that the felines had honed in on a potential meal. They slowly approached the thicket, suddenly exploding into action - and what happened next caught us all by surprise. A beautiful male leopard lunged out of the bush and up a tree, far too quick for the Wapuku Pride. The lions flinched and then turned their attention to a spectating warthog, which quickly became a meal. This amazing experience lasted about an hour and was definitely the best way to start an early morning drive.

Back in camp we've had some great (and small) animal encounters as well. As Selinda is an unfenced camp, you have to be careful were you walk at all times - especially when there is an elephant in camp. An old bull has become quite comfy in the camp surrounds, often feeding amongst the rooms. He is very relaxed and has provided us all with some great entertainment.

A strange thing happened in the middle of the month, we had just installed brand new lampshades on our main deck. After two days one of the shades had been "attacked". There were a couple of threads hanging loose. We thought our curious 'house' elephant, with his rough trunk, had just been interested in what we had done to the place. How kind of him, but a little more care would have been nice.

We left the lampshade to see what would happen next. Every day it got worse, but 'our' elephant had already moved on... so what was it? It baffled us for a week before we found out we'd blamed the wrong 'guy'. While having high tea we caught the culprit in action while he silently climbed up the lamp and carefully ripped off the threads, one by one to take to the other side of the deck, across the pool area were this clever tree squirrel was building a little love nest! A sneaky critter!

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