Selinda Camp - July 2012

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July has been an interesting month at Selinda. It was a month full of extraordinary sightings and exciting times as a mass of water has arrived in the area turning the camp area into island - all game drive excursions have to now tackle deep water to and from camp.

The Selinda magic starts in camp with a great glow of the sun coming behind a line of palm trees like a big bolt of fire. Bradfield's hornbills glorify the break of day around the fireplace giving guests a great photographic moment with the sun in the background.

The thrill of the wilderness is on-going in Selinda, starting with the grunting of hippo at night and all through the sizzling action of the day by wild dog, lion, leopard and even cheetah sometimes. Recently, we had an amazing interaction of the following three carnivores: wild dog meticulously taking down an impala, a leopard hijacking it from them and all the hyaena could do was watch the leopard enjoy its succulent meal safely from the comfort of a tree. The wild dog are currently denning, which is another boon.

Elephant encounters were regular on game drives and boat cruises. Herds of elephant roamed the Selinda Concession every day, with many of them ending their day along the spillway, making the sundowner boat cruises a great experience. It is always fun to watch these herds crossing the river, as the smaller members of the herd become completely submerged, using their trunks as a snorkel. There is one bull elephant in particular which has taken a liking to Selinda and spends all day feeding throughout camp.

We are very excited for August and are keeping our fingers crossed for a sighting of the wild dog pups which will emerge any day now.

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