Selinda Camp - June 2012

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Well, I don't know how to start this off other than to say the game viewing and most especially that of predators here on the Selinda Reserve has been spectacular this past month!

If the predators of the Selinda Reserve were playing a game of cards, they would have a winning hand. We've had the "Big Cat Full House" dealt to us a few times in the past week. On one occasion our guests were not able to get off the boat as a pride of 10 lions was sleeping on the jetty. Luckily for us, one of the pride members decided to start hunting and was followed by the rest of the pride, allowing us to get off the boat and onto the vehicle.

Shortly afterwards, we found a leopard that was hunting some unsuspecting guineafowl. The feline leapt high into the air in a bid to catch a fleeing bird but was unsuccessful this time. The gameviewers continued towards the bridge in order to cross the Spillway. Just before the bridge, the group found some very fresh cheetah tracks and started to follow them. The group was struck with awe when they came across the 'Band of Brothers', a resident coalition of three large males which we see in the area from time to time - this was amazing as all three species of big cats in the area were spotted in one drive.

This was not the end of the lucky run, as the following morning, the guide had his sights set on the area's wild dog and planned the activity around finding them. The group managed to find some members of the Selinda Pack trotting through the grass on the edge of the Spillway. The rest of the pack had just killed an impala and were squabbling with a lone hyaena over the spoils. Soon after we arrived on the scene, a few more hyaena joined in too. The Selinda Pack was forced off of the kill, leaving the remains to the hyaena.

Thus concluding the Selinda Reserve Royal Flush!

John Hilton

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