Selinda Camp - November 2012

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The October heat has carried over into November, with temperatures reaching a maximum of 42° C - and no hope of rains on the horizon. This has been an amazingly dry season and the landscape is now covered with a brown blanket of dying grass and bare trees. This however, makes for the perfect game-viewing time of the year. It is also a disheartening time to watch herbivores suffer from hunger while predators capitalise on this. You could count the number of ribs on the buffalo staggering around the camp area.

In this hostile time some of the animals have had to adjust their diets. We have had some fascinating sightings, for example, that of a warthog eating from a baby impala carcass and a leopard eating a caracal. The hippo have stayed in good shape though. The elephant are still concentrated along the banks of the Selinda Spillway which is also drying at a dramatic pace.

We received the first rains in the middle of the month and everything was rejuvenated with those first drops. We are now experiencing the birth of new babies as the impala and wildebeest drop their calves en masse, with many other species following.

Highlights for the month included cheetah around the airstrip and a big flock of pelicans flying over camp.

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