Selinda Camp - October 2012

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Summer is on the way! We were all astonished at how quickly the trees and shrubs on the Selinda Reserve have started to green up this month. Astonished because it was not until late November last year that this started to happen. We have had some rain too! Not a lot at 3.5 mm but it is certainly a start, and the bush has responded amazingly to this minimal amount of rain so far.

Sightings this month have been excellent once more. Sightings have been dominated by the birds around Selinda Camp, as many migrants return and have paired up to nest and raise their young. A pair of African paradise-flycatchers have started nesting around the camp and are guarding their new eggs with great gusto!

The resident pride of lion has established itself on the northern side of the Selinda Spillway and has provided great sightings, almost on a daily basis. The pride is currently made up of four females and a new male which arrived in the area sometime in September. This pride has formed in addition to the Selinda Pride which has settled south of Selinda, quite close to Zarafa Camp. This is exciting news as it further bolsters the lion population in the area.

Leopard sightings have been fantastic too as we have enjoyed regular sightings. We had one sighting of a large male cheetah this month. This particular individual was sighted frequently last year, so hopefully he will settle in the area once again.

The Selinda Pack of wild dog have provided much excitement for our guests as the pack has settled on the edge of the spillway close to camp. The pack is made up of eight pups and ten adults. We are keeping our fingers crossed that all these pups will survive.

All in all it has been a great month and we now wait with anticipation for the rains to arrive - cooling off the environment and sparking the explosion of new vegetation.

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