Serra Cafema Camp - April 2012

May 8, 2012 Serra Cafema Camp
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Weather and Landscape
Mid-April saw temperatures rising all the way past 40°C for a couple of days. Clouds towards the east suggested that rain was still falling further inland, but we understand that Serra Cafema sits in an area that receives less than 100mm of rain annually. The cool westerly winds in the afternoons did offer some comfort to the heat. Towards the end of the month, we could feel the winter chill creeping in as winter is now well on its way.

The water level in the Kunene River has dropped a considerable amount, revealing hundreds of tiny little crocodile hatchlings that have recently emerged after their 90-day gestation.

Birds and Birding
Bee-eaters are a familiar sight at Serra Cafema. The area boasts two different species: the Madagascar Bee-eater and the Little Bee-eater. As the name suggests the Little Bee-eater is the smallest bee-eater in the family, measuring just over 15cm from the tip to tip. With its bright yellow chin and throat and olive green body this little bird is a pretty bird to watch. Although it can be found throughout sub-Saharan Africa, it has a very small range in Namibia, occurring mostly along the northern perennial rivers. Little Bee-eaters have mostly been seen perching in pairs or small family groups always at the ready to dart off to catch a meal.

Camp News
This month, the camp has welcomed three new assistant managers, two of them already members of the Wilderness family, having been transferred from Little Kulala and Palmwag respectively. We wish our three new staff members a happy and productive future at Serra Cafema.

Guest Comments
"Every experience can teach us something, some also change us. Our experience at this extra ordinary place with the wonderful people who are on staff was life changing. Our memories of these days will always create a smile and a warm feeling. It is difficult to give thanks that are sufficient for such a gift, but these brief words are our feeble attempt." Peter and Liz.

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