Serra Cafema Camp - January 2012

Jan 31, 2012 Serra Cafema Camp
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Weather and Landscape
January was a very hot month as we experienced some very high temperatures. Most days were characterised by cloud build-up, creating humid conditions, which were cooled down by small showers of rain at night, creating fresh, cool mornings.

The Kunene River has dropped a little, but we are sure that it will rise as soon as we receive substantial rains.

Crocodile sightings have been fantastic. As the warm conditions help to speed up the crocodile's metabolism, this results in faster digestion - and the croc is then on the move again searching for prey. This has caused much excitement as we have seen large numbers of crocodiles feeding. It appears the hungry crocs have been very successful in catching domestic cattle, upstream on the Angolan side, that come down to the river for a drink.

Birds and Birding
A White-browed Coucal has decided to roost very close to camp in the riparian vegetation. This is quite a nice record for the area, as they do not occur further south into Namibia. They feed primarily on rodents, small birds, lizards and frogs. Due to their habit of inhabiting dense vegetation, good sightings and photographs are rare.

Camp News
Our vegetable garden is going very well as our first vegetables have started to grow. Pretty soon our guests will be eating baby marrows, patty pans, pumpkin, corn and watermelon which have all been grown in our veggie patch. One step closer to being more sustainable!

Guest Comments
"The landscape is breathtaking; the animals are amazing, but nothing of that would touch our hearts as much as the beautiful, ever present smiles of the local people. Thank you very much of taking care of us! You will stay in our memories!" Ingrida and Frederico.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Natasha, Ockert, Lynette, Chvonnie and Elizabeth.
Guides: Gerhardus, Dawid, Gert and Dinish.

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