Serra Cafema Camp – July 2014

Jul 31, 2014 Serra Cafema Camp
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Climate and Landscape
Fog is now part of our everyday life in Serra Cafema. The temperature is cold at night, especially if the westerly wind off the Atlantic Ocean is blowing in the evening. The mist is by turns light, softly touching the water of the river or heavy, creating a thick layer of fog enveloping everything. A breathtaking sighting for our guests, leaving them speechless, is the view from the top of the mountains looking down at the clouds below their feet with the sun emerging above the fog. Only a photo can really describe this view – it’s like being on top of the world!

Sunset at Serra Cafema

July was a lucky month for sightings at Serra Cafema. Our loyal crocodiles are always around and very easy to spot together with many bird species, but what was really special in July was the number of chameleons that were spotted by our guests – almost every day!

Wildlife at Serra Cafema

Some lucky guests have also been able to see great activity in the desert. A horned adder catching a little lizard was caught on camera by our guide Gerhardus while another very rare hunting scene took place on the shores of the Kunene River: an African darter catching a very big catfish straight from the water. In the picture you can see the bird holding onto his prey firmly.

Camp News
We welcomed Cheroline Hambo, our new waitress at Serra Cafema. Stewart and Mervin joined us as new guides. They have both worked in several Wilderness Safaris camps and now we are proudly welcoming them as part of our team. Patrick is our new Maintenance Manager, coming from Damaraland Camp.

Guests Comments
We could not have found a better way to end our one month trip to Africa! We really enjoyed the camp and your company! We congratulate you for having the place running in a perfect manner. All good times come to an end. Thank you for making this one so pleasant!

Greatest lodge in Namibia!

What a marvellous place you have here. It was everything: beautiful scenery, rooms and wonderful staff, guides. Thank you all for your great hospitality.

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