Serra Cafema Camp – June 2014

Jun 30, 2014 Serra Cafema Camp
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Climate and Landscape
Winter has finally arrived here in the Kunene. Throughout the month of June many guests had the opportunity to experience a very rare and special sighting in the early mornings: the winter fog surrounding the entire camp and lying softly on the river water. The view of the mist enveloping the mountains and dunes creates a surreal atmosphere where silence reigns over everything. Although the temperature is obviously very low on these occasions, guests are always amazed by this amplified sense of quietness, enjoying the view while waiting for the sun to slowly dissolve the fog and warm up the day. By half-past eight or nine o’clock latest, everything is back to normal: the sun shines in the sky and the temperature rises. Some evenings have also been very cold due to a strong westerly wind blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean. This is the best time to light a lovely fire in the main area and enjoy an Amarula in good company.

Sometimes clean windows can be dangerous! A beautiful malachite kingfisher flew into one recently, and was knocked to the ground. We helped him to slowly recover and then we released him on a branch among the trees near camp. He flew away a couple of minutes later as if nothing had happened. The staff was very fascinated by this small, brightly-coloured little bird.

Camp Activities
During the month of June Serra Cafema Camp was extremely busy with flights coming in and going out every day. We jokingly renamed our airstrip “Serra Cafema International Airport”.

Staff in Camp
In June Serra Cafema was lucky to receive a great new staff member: Salomo Utona Tjihonge, our new Food and Beverage Manager. He has worked as F&B Manager and Hospitality Instructor for the past 14 years around the country at various other establishments. Salomo holds a Diploma in Culinary Arts and is also an intermediate member of both the South Africa and Namibian Chefs Associations.  

Guest Comments
Amongst all the camps I’ve ever been in Africa, and even compared to a lot of hotels around the world, the staff at Serra Cafema is No.1! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, all the activities, the meals and especially the birthday party. Thank you so very much!

Thank you to everyone at Serra Cafema! You made our stay here so special. The combination of such beautiful surroundings and such wonderful staff make this setting extraordinary. We’ll never forget you!

This was our second visit at Serra Cafema and hopefully it won’t be the last! What an incredibly beautiful, special place. Not only because of the stunning natural surroundings, but also thanks to the warm and wonderful staff, who do everything possible to make your stay extraordinarily memorable!! We had a fabulous time! Thank you so much!


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