Serra Cafema Camp - May 2012

Jun 3, 2012 Serra Cafema Camp
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Weather and Landscape
Autumn seems to have arrived in the Kunene Valley. After the extra hot conditions we experienced in April, this is a welcome break from the heat. Still, daytime maximums for May reached 35° C once or twice.

Guests at camp and locals in the area were greeted in the mornings by a dense cloak of fog during a few mornings towards the end of the month.

A Southern African python was sighted on the dry floodplain just next to the Camp boardwalk one morning, making its way to the thicket for shade from the midday sun. The snake was a juvenile as it was just a little over 1.9 metres long, which is still pretty small as far as pythons are concerned. The snake still had a slight tinge of green colouring, which indicates that it was less than six years of age, as older snakes tend to be of a more brown hue. We often come across python tracks in the soft sand, but we rarely get to appreciate these beautiful snakes at such close range. After a few pictures however, the python disappeared into a thicket of mustard bushes.

Inventive Bush Ideas
One of our guests unfortunately aggravated an old injury while staying with us, which made moving from his room to the main area very painful. After some creative "out of the box" thinking, Elaine came up with an ingenious plan. With the help of our maintenance manager, Muhenye, she used the wheels of a scullery trolley and attached them to a deck chair - resulting in a very comfortable makeshift wheelchair. This made moving around the camp much more comfortable and easier for our injured guest.

Camp News
Elaine Cocklin was part of the management team at camp until 2008 when she left. She rejoined the Cafema management team once again for a brief stint and she has now been transferred to North Island in the Seychelles. We bid her farewell and wish her the best at North Island.

Guest Comments
"A thousand thank yous to everyone at Serra Cafema for a memorable four days and the perfect ending to our African holiday. Thank you Ben, Bona, Brighton, Denzel, Elsie, Lynette, Waltrud and Victor. Not forgetting your fabulous chef, kitchen staff, housekeeping- Everyone- This is a very special place. You are all wonderful. There is no "wow" big enough to describe this landscape, this place and the people."

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