Serra Cafema Camp - May 2013

May 14, 2013 Serra Cafema Camp
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Serra Cafema Camp, like the other camps in Namibia, is still experiencing very warm days. Temperatures are soaring to 34 degrees Celsius. However, the westerly winds start blowing at midday every day, helping to cool things down a bit. The fog that creeps up in the mornings blanket the whole area and is a regular sight.

The team at Serra Cafema spotted several snake hatchlings in the surrounding area this month. These included puff adders and zebra snakes. One afternoon a member of staff, Denzel, spotted a small puff adder less than 15cm long swimming from the southern bank over to the Angolan side of the river. We grabbed the pool net, took a few photos and gave him a lift across the river. Even when in water this little adder could still manage to curl its body into striking pose. Another fully grown adder was relocated to Angola as well, to avoid problems in the camp.

Guests have enjoyed our 'scorpion walks' where a particular favourite to show of is Parabuthus Villosus, a black, thick tailed scorpion that can be found from northern Cape in South Africa up into Namibia. An individual was spotted close to camp, an hour before sunset. The Villosus with its black exoskeleton is known to glow when an ultra violet light such as the light from UV torches is shown on it. This “glow” is caused by fluorescent chemicals in the cuticle. This adaption is helpful to guides taking guests out at night.

Camp News
Serra Cafema was hectically busy this month with our 90-day programme of cleaning rooms, fixing, bringing in parts and overhauling camp to make it looking new and bright for the new season.

Guest Comments
“Every day was a highlight! Such wonderful, beautiful and fun locations, we loved the boat trips, the rides in the dunes all the information we soaked in from Clement, the awesome sundowners which totally took our breaths away - the beautiful animals and the incredible desert terrain made my birthday amazing, the staff singing and lovely cake - WOW! Thank you!”


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