Serra Cafema - March 2013

Mar 12, 2013 Serra Cafema Camp
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Weather and Landscape
The rainy season in the far north of Namibia usually starts later than for the rest of the country. March began rather positively, with rain falling either late at night or early in the mornings. On the 12th it stayed overcast the whole day with a light drizzle throughout the day.

As Serra Cafema is only 50 km away from the Atlantic Ocean, this area is heavily affected by the westerly wind that is a daily occurrence. As the clouds appear in the east, the wind from the coast blows them right back. The Kunene River has been turning brown with sediments that are washed in by tributary rivers further to the east, meaning that rains are falling somewhere out there.

The Kunene apex predators are the Nile crocodiles and sightings of these have been good close to camp. From early in the mornings till late at night when guests were enjoying dinner on the main deck, crocodiles have been active right in front of camp.

A young croc of less than 60 cm in length has taken a liking to basking in the sun at the boat station, so we have seen this little one there often. The local Himba people are not so keen on crocodile sightings, as they lose lots of livestock to these prehistoric predators when their cattle venture to the river to drink. In less than one week, guides have spotted four livestock carcasses floating down the river and being fed on.

On the birding front, the olive bee-eaters have returned to the lower stretches of the Kunene River in large numbers. Throughout the entire day these acrobatic olive-coloured birds can be seen and heard in the skies above camp as they hunt their quarry. The individual in the adjoining photos is a juvenile, identified by the lack of tail streamers which are found in adult birds.

Camp News
This month we had four days with no guests in camp, so we took this opportunity to give the camp boardwalks and decks a little ‘TLC’ and they now look as good as new.

Staff Training
Jenn, Allistair and Nick from Lobster Inc. paid camp a visit this month with the aim of providing an in-depth training for all of our staff. The training was a huge success as everyone had lots of fun and showed enthusiasm and a passion for their line of work.

Guest Comments
“After visiting four other Wilderness Safaris camps on our trip, this was by far the best camp for us. The views from camp and the level of service was incredible. This was the best way to end our trip in Namibia. The food was also outstanding.”


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