Serra Cafema - October 2011

Nov 7, 2011 Serra Cafema Camp
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We have been enjoying some beautiful summer conditions at camp over the entire month. The weather has been nice and stable, warming up to around 30° C by midday and then cooling off slowly to a very comfortable temperature during the evenings. The skies have been crystal clear, which has made for some amazing sunrises and sunsets, especially when experienced along the river and from the camp.

We have experienced many wonderful wildlife sightings during the month, with a couple of special sightings thrown into the mix.

We had the extremely rare pleasure of seeing a cheetah! Historically, cheetah do occur around Serra Cafema, but have not been sighted in the area for many years. It was surprising as the cheetah was very relaxed in the presence of the vehicle, which indicates that she has encountered vehicles before - perhaps she has seen us and we have not seen her?

On the subject of rare felines, an African wild cat has made camp its home. She has been seen on a daily basis, resting under the camp decks in the thick vegetation. As these felines are largely nocturnal, she would become active during the late afternoons when camp was quiet. On one occasion, the staff heard a ruckus in the thickets and upon inspection, they found the cat in the middle of killing a snake, which provided a decent meal for the small predator.

We have observed plenty of crocodile activity in the Kunene River, which is literally crawling with these prehistoric reptiles.

Camp News
We would like to welcome a new guide to our guiding team at Serra Cafema. This month, Dinish Alberto has joined us. We wish him all the best and lots of fun here with us at the northernmost point of Namibia.

We had Matt Lauer in camp for a few days, which was a lot of fun. He was filming for "Where in the World is Matt Lauer?" which ran on 7 October and showcased Namibia as its first location.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Ockert, Lynette, Chvonnie, Cobus and Eli.
Guides: Harry, Gerhardus, Dawid, and Dinish.

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