Shumba Camp - August 2012

Sep 12, 2012 Shumba Camp
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Shumba Camp is still the number one spot for those of you with a taste for adventure and a love of the wild. As Zambia's reputation as a safari destination grows so does the name "Busanga Plains"- the must-see area of the Kafue National Park. If you love wide-open vistas, stunning sunrises and sunsets, animals in an unchanged natural environment... then Shumba really is somewhere you cannot afford to miss out on.
Weather and Landscape
August, being the beginning of summer, was still a bit chilly in the early mornings with minimum and maximum temperatures averaging between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius respectively.
For most of the month, the weather was very conducive to hot air ballooning, with most of the flights taking off just a few hundred metres from Shumba Camp and landing on the other side of Kapinga Camp.
During the month, most of our guests had an opportunity of seeing the lioness from the Busanga Pride bring her two cubs close to camp, and successfully hunting and feeding her cubs - a truly magical sighting! The two regal Busanga Males, together with the other members of the pride, also moved into the camp surrounds on a number of occasions, offering our guests wonderful views of these amazing felines from the comfort of the main area.
Large herds of buffalo have been moving in and hanging around the camp area too - perhaps this is why the lion are frequently visiting the area. Further away from camp, the game viewing has been spectacular, with sightings of huge mixed congregations of plains game as well as a couple sightings of leopard and wild dog.
Camp Activities
The beginning of the month kicked off the first hot air balloon ride for the season. Soaring over the plains in a hot air balloon is a unique experience that offers the guests a bird's-eye view of this unique area, as the winds carry them aloft with only the sounds of the environment floating through the air. The first flight was awesome, and the guests had an aerial view of a huge herd of buffalo, as well as getting an aerial view of some soaring raptors and water birds.
Guest Comments
"I had a really great stay. Keep up the good work. Thank you!"
"Lovely remote spot with great wildlife. Enjoyed the hospitality of the staff!"
"Thank you for an amazing time at Shumba. You all are the kindest people ever!"

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