Shumba Camp - July 2013

Jul 14, 2013 Shumba Camp
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The Busanga is a place where wild grasslands meet the sky and water runs through its heart. It is this beauty that draws you in and makes you want to stay. We, the lucky few that get to spend more than the normal three nights in camp, see it change daily from lush swampy land to drying grassland that stretches out in all directions and it is this drying that has made this season so strange. We already have areas that would normally be inaccessible by car being driven daily allowing guests to explore the full area that we call home.

With the mornings warming up and the afternoons reaching the high 20s low 30s (degrees Celsius), the climate has been perfect for afternoon drives or a lazy cruise on the boat. The evenings and early mornings are still a bit chilly in July creating the most beautiful sunrises as the mist covers the plains and make us feel that we were in a fairytale land.

Wildlife Sightings
One of the most unexpected sightings to be found anywhere in Zambia this season has been that of a recurring pair of sitatungas seen in and around the camp - some 18km away from where you would expect to find them. This is strange because there is no papyrus close to Shumba and we are able to view them in the middle of the day. Considering that this is such a rare antelope, this is a treat!

The lion sightings have been wonderful - the camp is not called Shumba for nothing! Lions were often found in and around camp and included prides such as the Busanga Pride, the Tree Tops Pride and the Papyrus Pride.

Now that the plains are drying up, we have had good cheetah sightings. Soon the wildebeest will start dropping their calves, so we are expecting more cheetah sightings in the coming months.

Leopards were seen on our full-day drives into the woodlands. Guests enjoyed the day out and the picnic at the edge of the Lufupa River very much.

The fig trees at Shumba offer the elephants a fig buffet. This is always a special treat for our guests who can watch the elephant from the comfort of their rooms.

The traditional Monday evening dinners with the staff drumming and dancing remain a highlight of every guest's stay. This month we also had a few families in camp that enjoyed practicing Zambian games with the staff.

Staff in Camp
Management: Tara and Ashley Rowe, Evidence Musabi and Zoe Namangonze
Guides: JohnD Muleka, Idos Mulenge


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