Shumba Camp - September 2012

Oct 20, 2012 Shumba Camp
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The safari industry has many wonderful and diverse areas of natural beauty to offer those with a love affair of the African bush and as a camp manager, I come into contact with a lot of these people looking for the next place in this incredible continent to discover. Being based here at Shumba in the Busanga Plains, one would think gives me a biased opinion on how unique this area really is. You would be correct to a certain extent but because our guests that visit us here leave with such heavy hearts and memory cards full of photos to amaze those back at home? I have come to realize that my opinion is one that is shared by so many and is in fact not biased at all.
Weather and Landscape
The cold weather seems to have been a half forgotten dream in a distant past now as the temperatures soar into the high 30`s and low 40`s (Celsius). The fabulous evenings spent eating under the stars are now a firm fixture and why wouldn't you want to eat ''out'' when the evening temperatures sit at a very kind 25-27° C, letting you drift away as you tuck into another sumptuous meal while once in a while taking a look up into the heavens.
Now that the winds have passed we look forward to the arrival of the rains in late October which bless the dry earth and bring back so much life and colour to the park.
There have been some great and very interesting sightings this month with the most spectacular of them being the return of wild dogs! There have been regular sightings of a lone male dog on Kapinga Island. A large pack of 17 wild dog have also been seen close by - this is great news as the last time we had wild dog in the middle of the Busanga lions turf was in 2007.We hope they settle in the area and will keep you updated on their presence in the area.
Another great highlight for the month was the large herds of sable which we encountered whilst out on game drive. These herds often numbered around 30 - 40 individuals. Large herds of buffalo have also been seen, scattered all over the plains.
The feline predators have come to the show too, as we experienced a good number of leopard, lion and cheetah sightings. On one occasion, we found a pride of lions feeding on a hippo carcass. This provided us with some great close up views of these powerful felines whilst they fed and squabbled amongst each other.
We were extremely excited when we found a serval with two tiny kittens.
Guest Comments
''Hospitality, comfort, relaxation and ambiance - both in the bush and in camp. Exceptional!''
''What a beautiful place! We had a wonderful time and learnt so much! The staff here have been lovely and we appreciated their terrific service and caring hospitality so much. Thank you all.''
"A wonderful place with fantastic people! Thank you so much too everyone for making this the best wedding anniversary EVER!"

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