Slow Down, Watch and Listen

Oct 24, 2012 Safari Prep
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Modern lifestyles are about the now. Everything must happen now! When we do not get what we want now we become impatient and irritable. If you come with this attitude into the bush you have only yourself to blame when you become disappointed and stressed because you are not seeing what you believe or worse… demand you must see.

The first rule of the bush is – we are all visitors and irrespective of whom we are or our social status, the bush will speak to us in its own time.

Remember that long after humans have gone from this planet some of the organisms we see today will still be around and existing quite happily without us.

As an example, on a recent safari we saw a herd of giraffe staring intently in one direction. They hardly twitched an ear in our direction as we slowly approached. Now this is a sure sign that something is up as giraffe have great eye sight and are always on the lookout. Well with a bit of off road driving and all eyes scanning the long grass we soon found out what had caught their interest – a lioness languidly walking through the grass. Fantastic! Even better still was when this lioness took us to a nearby track and proceeded to drink from a puddle with her two young cubs in tow!

Now that is an experience people love to have on a safari. The trick is you have got to slow down, watch and listen to everything. Rushing around is not going to get you anywhere unless of course you are on a game chase. In which case, rather head to a fenced reserve where you can happily race from one high profile sighting to another. Wild areas like the Okavango have a wealth of sightings for those willing to spend the time and have the patience to follow her rhythm.

So slow down when next visiting the bush, take time to really watch and stop to listen often, you may be pleasantly surprised.


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By Anthony Bennet

Anthony heads the guide training and assessing department in Botswana for Wilderness Safaris. He has a keen interest in nature photography, birdlife and animal behaviour. Ant has done epic trails through some of the most pristine bush around.

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