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Aug 20, 2012 Safari Prep
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Photography is one of the most rewarding past times. Freezing a special moment in time can say more than a thousand words. Photography is an art and how the photographer uses his equipment to portray what he is seeing can be as skilful as a painter with his brush. A painter initially learns the basic skills and rules of painting and as he progresses, he will develop his own unique style.  The same is true for a photographer.   Every advanced photographer has his own unique style which he is comfortable with.

Picasso’s paintings may not be everyone’s cup of tea; however the Picasso painting “Green Leaves and Bust” sold for a whopping price of $106.5 million.  You may not appreciate this painting but someone does. The same will apply to your photography – it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but there will be someone that will appreciate your images.

The first step to becoming a good photographer is to know your photographic equipment and what it is capable of.  Secondly, learning the different photography techniques and disciplines.  Lastly, the processing of your digital image to an acceptable standard and of course the display of your image, to give the desired impact.

A good photographer does not take many pictures before he gets a good image, but is consistent in getting good photographs.

In the weeks to come we will explore equipment, techniques and basic photographic disciplines.

By Daniel Myburg

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By Dan Myburg

Dan travels to a range of Wilderness Safaris concessions to take photos for his book and to share his extensive photographic knowledge with our guests and staff.

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