The River Club Community News – May 2014

May 31, 2014 |   |   | 
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Solar study lights for Simonga School students
A few months ago we reported on a group of top students at Simonga School who received a donation of solar study lights from guests.

Well, we’re delighted to announce that another 101 children at Simonga Basic School received their own personal study lights too, following another kind and generous donation from Nici and Michael Brockhaus-Soldenhoff, guests who recently stayed at The River Club.

The donation brought a huge smile to every one of the recipients who are now able to do more of their schoolwork at home in the evenings.   

These extremely kind people have also sponsored Caroline Kaimfa, the daughter of a River Club driver, for one year of her university course, which she recently started in the Copperbelt. We all wish her every success with her tuition.

Electrification of the Simonga Village power supply
An 18-year-old gap-year student from the UK, Tom Riddell-Webster, has been undertaking various voluntary tasks, in an attempt to assist the villagers.

His first project was to oversee the conversion of the power source from diesel-fuelled to electric-powered to run the pump that supplies the water in the village and to look at plans to install various additional water lines.

ZESCO, the Zambian electricity supply company, finally connected the engine room to electricity so the old diesel generator has been taken out of the system and the pump has a less expensive source of power. Water is now supplied at the flick of a switch and it is now possible to fill more tanks each day as the electricity bill has been lowered significantly.

Now that this can be done, it is possible to look at expanding the water distribution network. Simonga currently has a population of about 3 000 people. Tom has been up in the village, measuring and costing plans for an additional seven water lines. Each tap along these lines should supply around 100 people with local water access. The full price, including, a tank, 300 metres of pipe, joints, taps and saddles, varies, but the average price is around $1,200. Installation is swiftly done by the villagers, free of charge.

The diesel generator will now be serviced and used in another project in a nearby village.


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