The River Club - July 2007

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July started with the last Lunar Rainbow over the Victoria Falls for this season - at least for the Zambian side. The Zambezi is dropping quickly and soon there won't be enough of the spray that is needed for this sort of rainbow.

As usual we packed snacks and a bar which were awaiting our guests on the riverside of the Falls where they were set to have their drink while keeping their feet dry. It's wonderful to see how amazed, surprised and stunned our guests are every time we go to experience it. No manner of managed expectation seems to prepare first time viewers for the phenomenon and 'ahs' and 'ohs' are spontaneous as are the almost desperate attempts to try and catch the moment on film?

This last 'moonbow' reared all the way up from the bottom of the gorge and went 270 degrees around until it disappeared into the Zambezi River upstream of the Falls!

Sitting on the pool deck of The River Club it is getting more and more difficult this time of year to distinguish emerging rocks exposed by the falling river levels from hippos. There is a lot of activity happening on the islands just in front of the lodge. The number of hippos increased and we were lucky on several occasions this past month to find newborn additions to the colony.

The elephants are crossing the river, frequently wading out as far as possible via sandbanks before they seem to get swallowed by the depths and only the snorkel-like trunks keep sticking out.

With The River Club going to be 10 years old soon we decided to make everybody's lives a bit more comfortable and added new bathrooms on the same level as the bedrooms. So apart from being able to enjoy the scenery from the downstairs bathtub there is a whole new "loo with a view" aspect not to be missed. The first guests to experience this latest addition were highly appreciative and couldn't stop talking about it!

Kind regards,
Peter, Eugene, Christelle, Kapasa, Nigel, Andrea and all the staff

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