The River Club - March 2010

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Simonga Village Project Update

The River Club has been completing a number of projects in nearby Simonga Village during the months of March and April.

Williams and University of Virginia Project
Jimmy Foley from Chicago, along with sponsorship from his uncle in Ireland (who stayed at River Club in 2009), flew out to Zambia to manage and complete a number projects over a three-month period.

1. The construction of a house with two bedrooms for the village Headman and a deep pit latrine. (See picture 1 on left of Headman Fredrick and his wife outside their new home. The latrine (left in background) was funded by members of the University of Virginia.)

2. The building of steps to the Headlady's house and painting the outside of her dwelling. (See picture 2 on left of Elizabeth Inonge sitting on her veranda).

3. Painting of the Simonga Basic School Kindergarten roof - the building was initially funded by Norwich Union, UK.

In addition to this Jimmy also utilised the funds sent by a group of well-wishing students from the University of Virginia to renovate the deep pit latrines at Simonga Basic School for the boys and girls there.

Jimmy also undertook a number of smaller projects during his time at River Club, including the strengthening of the floor of the pump house and anchoring down the generator.

Simonga Teeth Day
The Simonga Village Project Manager, Christelle Belot, received $5 000 worth of toothbrushes, toothpaste, boxes of pencils and booklets for the people of Simonga from ESI Spa in Italy. Together with Dr Chinyonga from the local health authority, who brought in a dental hygienist, all the school children, their parents and other villagers assembled at the Community Centre to receive their share of the donation and get their teeth checked. The ceremony was attended by members of the Livingstone press corps. (See picture 3 on left of the dental hygienists at work.)

Bob and Rebecca Sloan Donation
A very generous donation was made by The River Club's most frequent visitors (17 times and counting), Bob and Rebecca Sloan, which enabled the Club to organise the reconstruction of Mrs Nawa's house in the village. Mrs Nawa suffers from leprosy and has the responsibility of looking after four children. We wanted to make her life a little easier. (See picture 4 on left - Mrs Nawa's compound with new roofs, windows and doors and replastered walls.)

The River Club is very grateful to all the donors and well-wishers whose contributions have brought about significant improvements to the lives of the people of Simonga Village. We will continue to do what we can to ensure that our presence impacts positively on our neighbouring communities - we believe in Benjamin Franklin's adage of 'doing well by doing good' - and our guests have been of enormous help in achieving this high ideal.

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