The River Club - Oct 2008

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The first rains have arrived in Livingstone and The River Club is looking even more beautiful with all its Flamboyant trees in full bloom everywhere in the garden.

This month, guests have spotted a striped weasel on the running trail and others saw a few Brown-hooded Kingfishers and Giant Kingfishers while enjoying a drink during the Sunset Cruise on the Zambezi River.

Very excitingly, a lone sable antelope was spotted near the river which apparently is very rare to see in this area.

At Simonga Village, donations keep coming in - and going out for good causes. US$51,907 has been released from the Wilderness Safaris Wildlife Trust, of which US$12,870 went for the water and school project, US$1,137 went for the Library, US$2,900 went for student sponsorships and US$35,000 for bus transportation. The latter is very exciting as we have been trying to find a way to get schoolchildren from Simonga to Livingstone.

In Zambia, schooling is government-assisted until Grade 7, at which point it must be paid for by the students/families. Most families do not have enough money for this and so schooling for many children ends here. Those who have the money must send them to a school in Livingstone as the Simonga School only reaches Grade 7. Up until now, The River Club has donated its shuttle to ferry students to and from Livingstone every day, but this can only hold 16 children at a time.

We are now able to purchase a good second hand 24-seater bus which means that more students can continue their schooling in Livingstone. Education is one of the single most vital aspects to uplifting communities throughout Africa, with concomitant benefits reaching their families in knowledge of nutrition, HIV/AIDS etc.

We would like to thank the Wilderness Trustees for enabling us to continue the necessary work in Simonga.

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