Toka Leya - August 2013

Sep 12, 2013 Toka Leya Camp
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The weather has changed so much as we head into spring time. The temperatures have become warmer in the last few weeks. We have seen a great change in the vegetation as the period of losing leaves seems to have come to the end - much to the pleasure of our housekeeping department. There are now new brilliant green leaves sprouting all over whilst some of the trees have now started flowering.

Wildlife and Birding
The wildlife sightings have really been amazing this month and much of it thanks to the efforts of Zambia Wildlife Authority who have embarked on a major restock of the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park with interesting game such as hartebeest, sable and puku, which are new species to the area, as well as stocking up on species we already have in the Park.

They have also embarked on a water pump project in the much drier parts of the Park and have drilled a few boreholes to ensure that there is much-needed water for the animals. This will help with reducing the pressure on the river roads as game will now be drinking from a few selected waterholes that will have water pumped into them. This doesn’t only reduce pressure of game on one area but will also mean that game activities will now be able to explore other areas of the Park.

The river cruises, as usual, have been really amazing with some fantastic sightings being reported on a daily basis by both guides and guests. Obviously the hot temperatures that have arrived here now mean the animals are frequenting the riverside. One sighting that we all thoroughly enjoy are the herds of elephant that have been seen along the banks or crossing from one country or island to the other. Their numbers have definitely increased as well in the area.

Buffalo have frequented the area behind Tent 12 and on most occasions the herd has spent a few days around camp. Although rhino have not been coming through to camp this month, almost every one of our guests has had really amazing sighting of this special species which seem to be doing very well in this Park. This is all credit to the park rangers who are doing a tremendous job in the protection of this endangered species.

With spring around the corner, birding always gets better with some of the migrants having just arrived in the area. We have already had a few sightings of yellow-billed kites in the camp as well as on game activities. The white-fronted bee-eaters top the list of some exciting birds we have seen and photographed this month. On several occasions the birds have been very cooperative at the nesting site where they have allowed us to get quite close to photograph them.

It is also getting to that time of the year that crocodiles should be looking for sites to breed and we hope we should be soon see large numbers of them on their nests. The numbers seen basking on the river banks already have multiplied and the sizes of these animals are really unbelievable. In most cases this has answered the guests’ questions on whether it would be possible to swim on the Zambezi.

Guests Comments
"The sunset on the Zambezi and the spa treatment finished with a cultural visit to the village. Everything has just been just perfect and I really enjoyed every moment. Thank you all for my memorable stay".

"Excellent service that always exceeds expectations. It was an incredible Experience. I will definitely come back".

Management in Camp
Petros Guwa, Amon Ngoma, Ondyne Dobeyn, Muchelo Muchelo and Cynthia Kazembe

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