Toka Leya Camp - February 2013

Feb 11, 2013 Toka Leya Camp
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Weather and Landscape
While the first half of the month displayed typical February weather with lots of rain and thunder, this changed over the second half when we experienced very hot and dry conditions with not a single drop of rain.

Despite the lack of rain lately, there are still substantial pools of water dotted around the bush and the vegetation has burst into new growth. The wildlife is looking incredibly healthy at the moment.

The Zambezi River started rising in January and has continued to do so this month creating an even more spectacular view at the Victoria Falls – it is clear why the Falls are one of the wonders of the world! The spray created by them is just extraordinary – click here to view some incredible images of the Falls in full flow.

In the years gone by we had had a reduction of elephant sightings at this time, but this year the trend has been broken as we have seen some huge herds of elephant around the camp area and all along the river, best viewed when cruising along the Zambezi by boat.

Visits into Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park have really added value to our guests’ Toka Leya experience as the game sightings have been incredible and prolific. We have been really lucky with buffalo and rhino sightings within the park with just about all of our guests having the experience of seeing these creatures in their natural habitat – there have been many big smiles after game drives.

In addition to this, there have been big congregations of zebra, giraffe and wildebeest to be seen while out on game drive which has been further enhanced by some really productive birding. The birding hotspot for the month was definitely along the river as all the migrants are still here, and along with the resident species are taking full advantage of the bountiful Zambezi River. We have noted good numbers of southern-ground hornbills in the area and see or hear them on a daily basis.

Our resident hippo, Moto Moto, who has become a camp celebrity has continued to shine and show off his bulk much to the surprise of our guests. He is quite happy to graze on the lush grass during the heat of day, allowing our guests some great photographic opportunities. Quite interestingly, once Moto Moto gets too hot he takes refuge under the main deck of camp.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Petros and Gogo Guwa, Solomon Tevera and Evi Bwalya, Cynthia Kazembe and Amon Ngoma

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