Toka Leya Camp - October 2013

Oct 28, 2013 Toka Leya Camp
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Weather and Landscape
As the summer heat builds, the term ‘Suicide Month’ could best describe part of the month but for the large part it wasn’t anything that one couldn't handle. The last third of the month was characterised by some cloud formations that brought a lot of excitement to most of us as we thought this was the beginning of the wet season. But it turned out we were wrong, as after a few hours the wind picked up and the much-awaited rains just never happened. On the odd occasion that it did rain, one could easily count the drops. However the amazing thing is the trees are all in full bloom and looking so beautiful. We are sure this is a great relief to the many browsers that rely on these nutritious crunchy leaves.

The mighty Zambezi River has continued to drop. Fortunately for us it gave us a new place for the sundowners as at the moment, there are so many areas with beautiful white sand to park the boat, kick your shoes off and enjoy the sundowners.

Wildlife and Camp Activities
More and more of the summer migrant birds have now arrived and for the birders this is a great time of the year to be out watching birds as there is just some much variety. Not a dull moment on the birding side as one always sees one or a few of the birds that has not been seen for the last few months.

Most exciting are the river cruises where in certain areas, huge flocks of waterbirds are a common sight. We have noticed that there are a few marshes that have formed as the water levels drop and these have become havens for the waterbirds and waders. The special sightings included rock pratincole and African finfoot - which we have finally managed to get a decent photo of after trying for a long time.

The Zambezi River cruises would definitely be incomplete if we don’t mention the great numbers of hippo seen on a daily basis but the shining star as usual is our resident hippo bull, Motto Motto, who makes sure that he parades himself for a photo for every guest that stays with us.

As usual, in these warm temperatures the elephant take to the waters easily and during the river cruises, a lot of herds have been seen splashing away including, to most of our guests' surprise, many babies have been seen swimming from one side of the river to the other - through the deep waters. We have also seen many large herds wandering through the camp area much to the excitement of both our staff and guests.

Although we have not had any visits by the rhino this month at the camp, most of the guests have had a chance to see and spend time with these great and endangered animals on game drive. Our guides and the park rangers have been so good at ensuring that every guest had a chance to see at least one rhino during their stay with us.

The location of the camp makes it perfect for one to sometimes just sit in camp and enjoy the visiting wildlife. Herds of buffalo, bushbuck and a number of plains game species often wandered through camp.

For those who enjoy fishing, we had some really fruitful outings as the water is low and quite clean now. Most who left camp on a fishing trip returned with great stories of outstanding fishing.

We are also excited to announce that we will be holding the first CITW Soccer Coaching Clinic at Sinde Village in the first week of November and this will be championed by a professional footballer from South Africa who has a passion for people and wildlife. His time at the community will definitely go a long way in promoting sports among the Sinde community football team as well as at Twabuka School where he will also have a session with the children.

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