Toka Leya Gears up for yet another tree donation

Apr 17, 2013 Conservation
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Toka Leya Indigenous Tree Nursery was an initiative to rehabilitate the area where the camp stands today which was previously a village. Obviously with the demand for farming land and wood for cooking, this area was cleared of the many trees that existed here before.

The need to plant trees and rehabilitate this area was of very high importance. The nursery was started almost at the same time as the camp opened. Over the years thousands of trees have been planted by guests and staff respectively and an amazing change to the area has been noticed. Even though we would probably not need to expand, we have partnered with Green Pop, an organisation which encourages and educates people as well as plant trees in different areas. Last year, we donated 750 trees to this organisation which were planted in the Dambwa Forest in Livingstone.

We have been talking to Green Pop again and this time we are looking at donating 1000 trees or more and intend to have this relationship running for some time. Whilst this might be a small initiative, we all hope will make a difference in the long run to an area and a community where charcoal burning as a source of income is quite a big thing. Our guides Histon and Donald as well as John our grounds man are all excited with this news and have been working hard to meet the target of this important initiative.

The Toka Leya Team



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