Tubu Tree Camp - August 2013

Sep 15, 2013 Tubu Tree Camp
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Nice warm days and cool evenings was the standard for the month. There were however still a few cold mornings when we were seen shivering until about an hour after sunrise. The typical August winds were also felt and heard howling at night and early in the morning on some nights, but generally they were cool and calm, disturbed only by a slight rustle of the leaves.

The game viewing has been excellent. We have had several big herds of elephant crossing the channels of water, which are now drying out quickly. Guests have been entertained by these amazing animals on the drives, at the airstrip on their arrival and in front of the camp and their tents. They have been seeing very young elephants, staying close to mom’s side, and also some very big bulls shaking the palm trees to get the palm nuts down for a snack. These big bulls are clearly not keen on sharing and often chase the younger bulls, baboons and warthogs away.

Lion sightings have been scarce, but the two local boys came to visit from time to time. We heard their roaring several times, prompting everyone at camp to jump into the game drive vehicles in search of them. They were seen several times around our airstrip and then also further south of the camp.

Leopard sightings have been really good, with the female and cub being seen often. We also saw the big, shy male a few times, but he normally disappeared quickly. There was a giraffe carcass close to the camp that also had a leopard feeding on it - well that is until the hyaenas showed up. We found a young female leopard after we had collected two guests from the airstrip. She was a stalking a kudu nearby, however her approach was given away by the wind. The show was over in about five minutes and she went to sleep under a couple of young palm bushes. On one of our last afternoons of the month, a leopard calmly decided to stroll across the plain in front of the camp... sending managers in all directions to wake guests up to view this amazing animal.

We also had big herds of buffalo coming through which the guests loved; there were several young ones in the herds which were quite curious. Big groups of giraffe towering over the floodplains in front of the camp were also seen.

The hyaena and cub are also always entertaining; that is if you get to see the cub outside the cosy den site. Several hyaenas were also seen feeding on a giraffe carcass, with some vultures also sneaking up for a tasty morsel or two.

There has been a lot of action with the birds around the camp and on game drives. The African fish-eagles have been seen mostly close to the airstrip where there is still a lot of water. The pied kingfishers are still in front of the camp catching small fish and frogs and providing guests with good photographic opportunities. The vultures around the giraffe carcass have also been very entertaining. Guests took wonderful photos of them coming in for landing and leaving to settle down in some big trees close to the carcass.

A brown snake-eagle on the hunt was spotted as he was soaring over the camp. Two saddle-billed storks were walking over the floodplains west of the camp giving guests an opportunity to view them through their binoculars.

Staff in Camp
Managers: André Erasmus, Lené Stopforth, Nadia Fourie
Guides: Seretse Xaiko, Issa Satheba, Broken Bambo, Kambango Sinimbo

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