Vumbura Plains – July 2014

Jul 31, 2014 Vumbura Plains
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Climate and Landscape
The July winds brought chilly temperatures to Vumbura Plains, causing winter to linger a bit longer with a few cold mornings, though the afternoons were warm. The Delta waters have receded from the floodplains giving the Okavango a definite seasonally-changed appearance, with amazing animal sightings.

Two male lions took over the area, roaring on the eastern side of Vumbura Plains almost every night and coming through to the lodge a few times, passing the workshop and Thirsty Buffalo area. Cheetah added a bit more fun and excitement too as they were sighted again this month north of the airstrip – two males this time. With the amount of lion activity we’ve had, it will be difficult for them to hang around, but we are hopeful. The lions were sighted a few times mating near Kaporota Lagoon – one female mated with a male from the Kubu Pride and then she was seen a week later mating with a different male.

Our guests got to witness several kills this month: two male lion took down two buffalo, one male sneaked into the herd and took a calf and when the herd tried to retaliate the lion dropped the calf and went for a bigger male buffalo. All this in less than 30 minutes, close to the hyaena den, and after the female lions were found that morning close by with two other buffalo kills from the previous night!

The hyaena den was vacated immediately and was house-to-let for two days as the lions camped right outside with their kills. Another family witnessed a leopard come down from the tree he had been resting on to stalk reedbuck and then take one down! He then hauled the animal – almost twice his size – up the tree to enjoy the feast.

Wild dog – everyone loves these elegant-looking but ruthless predators. The Golden Pack was sighted every week, but no one has revisited the den site since its discovery and we are anxiously waiting for the little puppies to appear… hopefully by the end of August or beginning of September. One morning they killed an impala by the staff village gate and then came back a couple of days later to terrorise the impalas again, killing one in front of Vumbura North’s car park.

The jackalberries ripened in mid-July and brought a lot of elephant activity to the camp, guests loving being greeted by elephants and having them come very close to the main area at brunch and teatime. The beautiful sable are still doing well in the area and by the look of things we can expect calves soon.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Lorato, Julie and Neuman
Guides: Ron, Emang and Ban
Lorato Checkers


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