Vumbura Plains - November 2013

Nov 30, 2013 Vumbura Plains
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The summer heat has become more and more bearable as the first rains started to grace our beautiful corner of the Okavango Delta. In the space of just a few days we started seeing fresh green grass sprouting across the plains and inviting lots of general game for a delicious taste of new growth. The prey species started dropping their young ones and lots of babies started running around while the wild dogs and leopards were salivating and celebrating. 

On this note, a leopard and her young cub were seen several times around the concession devouring baby impala and tsessebe, quite often from a safe and secure spot up a tree. The resident Golden Pack of wild dog along with their pups were often seen hunting and gorging on the bounty of babies, creating an unforgettable experience for our guests. 

The resident Kubu Pride, comprising four sub adult male lions and four adult females also made an appearance on the plains as well as passing camp on a few occasions. Interestingly, two new males have arrived in the area and have been very aggressive towards the Kubu males, with the obvious intention of taking over the territory. Towards the end of the month, these two males were seen mating with one of the Kubu females quite close to North Camp. 

General game sightings have been phenomenal, and besides the explosion of babies, a great variety of wildlife has spread out in the concession as a result of the rain and subsequent growth of vegetation. This was fantastic as sightings of the high profile game was just superb… creating the ideal safari experience. 

Managers: Hamish, Millie, Lorato, Frank, Donald, Charlene, Alex, Annabel, Busi, Kci and Tlamelo 
Guides: Ban, Ron, Emang, Mork, Zee, Luke and Russel. 

Newsletter by Lorato Bampusi 
Pictures by Jared Snoyman 


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