Xigera Camp - June 2013

Jul 10, 2013 Xigera Camp
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Some mornings have started with everyone being wrapped up in blankets as our boats gently meander down the river running in front of the lodge. However we have experienced quite a varied temperature range with average lows of 10° C and average highs of 31° C.

The water seems to be subtly receding already, with the floodplain in front of the camp drying up little by little. We are still awoken to multitudes of red lechwe running through the water as the sun rises over this magnificent body of water. A number of guests opted to stay in on one of their mornings, choosing to have hot coffee delivered to their room and watch what is arguably the best sunrise spot in the Delta, in lieu of an activity.

Our sand pit or better known as the ‘Daily Mail’ has once again provided interesting news. One morning we found clear tracks of the resident female leopard which visited the island while we were all having dinner the night before.

This month we also tried a new bush spot for high tea. The beach like sand bank in front of camp was the chosen location and it went down really well with all our guests. Just imagine enjoying some scrumptious snacks and refreshing drinks with the Delta water lapping at your feet, all the time taking in the wonderful views all around. We are sure this spot will be popular for many months to come.

The supermoon was a much anticipated event at Xigera. Dinner was served at our Star Deck which seemed to be a pretty apt description of our dinner spot, considering the occasion. The moon rose in its full red magnificence, later illuminating our table to a point where it seemed that we didn't need any lanterns to see with.

Birding as always, has been great. Trips to the adjoining islands have proved fruitful, as the resident Pel’s fishing-Owls continue to rear their young. A luapula cisticola was a lovely find on one of our day boating trips. However, the absolute highlight has to be the western banded snake- eagle which perched itself on the fig tree right next to our bar. Unfazed by the foot traffic below it, the photographic opportunity presented by this rare bird was certainly acted upon.

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