Xigera Camp – June 2014

Jun 30, 2014 Xigera Camp
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Climate and Landscape
It was a chilly June at Xigera Camp with a minimum of 2° Celsius at night. Highs peaked at 30° during the day but luckily our little camp in paradise is located underneath the canopy of large jackalberries and sausage trees, which protect us from the heat of the day.

Animals seen in June include the likes of giraffe, zebra, crocodiles basking in the sun on islands and hippo families. Elephants have been hanging around camp enjoying the leaves from the surrounding trees. And we can’t forget the famous male monkey by the name of Blue who leads the troop that resides in camp. They love playing around the main area and are quite a sight for guests enjoying their brunch or afternoon tea.

Xigera Camp Wild- and Birdlife

Birds and Birding
Yet again the birding was amazing in June. We even saw rare species like Pel’s fishing-owl, yellow-billed stork and wattled crane in and around Xigera Camp, which kept the birders entertained and had them perusing their checklists to confirm what they had learned from their guides during the day.

Camp Activities
The guests were amazed by the boat cruises touring the lagoons, the full-day activities on Chief’s Island with surprise lunches and most of all the beautiful sunsets with sundowners to end yet another successful day.

The mokoro experience also left a good number of Xigera’s guests speechless after having a serene afternoon poling the still waters and taking in the little things that matter, like insects, bird calls and flowers – and that unique all-round experience that cannot be replicated.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Kelly, Claudine, Alex, Dineo , Rose
Guides: Onks, Des, Dips

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