Zibadianja - October 2007

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The first week was dominated by major storms which indicated that the rains had arrived early. Not much rain fell during this time and there was more noise than action. The flipside of this weather was that game was sensible and tended to stay under cover.

The 10mm that fell must have provided some water back in the mopane forest as we didn't even have any visitors at our waterhole on that day.

One of the victims of a particularly huge wind storm was a rain tree next to one of the guest tents. It seems like a portentous omen that it is indeed time to give our island back to nature. After that particular storm we wouldn't have been surprised if some of our tents had already moved across the lagoon to our new site!

We have continued to be disturbed during dinner with fantastic sighting at the waterhole. Notable visitors include a leopard and the Selinda lion pride. A caracal was seen on the edge of camp which is a first for us and the wild dogs have stopped in at the waterhole - much to the delight of all in camp as we got to see the pups.

A more permanent visitor was a hippo who moved into the waterhole for two nights - he was limping slightly so maybe he'd come to find some peace and quiet and a chance to lick his wounds. It was amusing to see the warthog's reactions to this usurper in their mud!

The game viewing has been as varied as our in-camp sightings with a particularly great week which resulted in the guests seeing a cheetah on every drive of their three night stay as well as a leopard a day!

On one occasion the two cheetah brothers were seen resting when three warthogs walked up towards them and brazenly started grazing a mere two metres away. The cheetah eventually half heartedly chased them off but the warthogs were persistent and followed the cheetahs until they gave a second chase which got the message across.

Later that afternoon, one cheetah was seen on an impala kill as was another female, the next day. Unfortunately no one saw the kills in action but missed them by probably half an hour.

Another notable sighting was of an aardwolf - a rare record indeed.

The Selinda lions have been spending a great deal of time just across our border with Kwando to the north west. The eight cubs have been seen occasionally though and are getting bigger every time.

The wild dogs are moving around a lot presently and have only been around Zibadianja very briefly. One afternoon they came by for a drink at the waterhole and found the hippo that has taken up residence there. They spent a couple of very inquisitive minutes looking at it before settling down.

Tessa & Stuart

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