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  • Memories of Chitabe Camp
    Shared By: Carmel Cheely

    Memories of Chitabe Camp

    Aug 20, 2012   |  Botswana   |  Chitabe Camp

    Chitabe Camp is where I finally got to see leopards. They were absolutely breathtaking. This camp is where I got to see the most variety of animals. Amazing.

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  • Memories of Duma Tau Camp
    Shared By: Carmel Cheely

    Memories of Duma Tau Camp

    Aug 17, 2012   |  Botswana   |  DumaTau Camp

    I was lucky enough to be one of the first groups to stay at the brand new Duma Tau Camp. I called it the Pottery Barn Camp. The accommodations are stunning.

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  • Memories of Africa
    Shared By: Carmel Cheely

    Memories of Africa

    Aug 11, 2012   |  Zimbabwe   |  Davison's Camp

    This was my first camp out of four that I would be visiting on safari. It was the dry season so the animals were visible and in search of watering holes. Amazing!

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  • From Busanga Plains to Victoria Falls
    Shared By: Mary-Anne van der Byl

    We had a wonderful trip to Zambia this September, we were amazed by the plains of Kafue and the abundance of animals to be seen in every direction. What a privilege to...

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