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  • Namibia Visit
    Shared By: Ulrike Howard-Ginsberg

    Namibia Visit

    Oct 5, 2015   |  Namibia

    The dunes,deadvlei & sesriem canyon-amazing.Seeing the mist over Sossusvlei was gorgeous. At Hoanib, the best was seeing the Lions and 3 brown hyaenas! The Skeleton...

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  • Wild Hwange
    Shared By: Sam Mushandu

    Wild Hwange

    Oct 5, 2015   |  Zimbabwe   |  Hwange   |  Linkwasha Camp

    Hwange is really dry - despite the sprinkle of rain last week - and buffalo are seen dragging themselves out of the woodland to get to Madison Pan where a few have...

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  • Davison's family bush holiday
    Shared By: Richard van der Wel

    Davison's family bush holiday

    Oct 4, 2015   |  Zimbabwe   |  Hwange   |  Davison's Camp

    A busy few safari days spent with my family in Hwange. We had the pleasure of wildlife photographer Dana Allen's company and enjoyed excellent wildlife sightings around...

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  • An incredible day at Hwange
    Shared By: Dean Morton

    An incredible day at Hwange

    Sep 1, 2015   |  Zimbabwe

    The first rains have arrived in Hwange – lightning, thunder and drizzle on my face, what a smell! We started the day with 2 male cheetah killing a steenbok in front of...

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