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  • Blake Ireland's 2013 favorites
    Shared By: Blake Ireland

    These are among my favorites from our 2013 trip involving Duma Tau, Chitabe and Mombo camps.

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  • The Elephants and the village
    Shared By: Lauren Haupt

    This village in Damaraland shares it's water supply with the desert-adapted elephants. When the villagers see the elephants coming they switch on the water pump.

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  • Diverse Namibia - Everything In-Between
    Shared By: Lauren Haupt

    The advantage of doing an Exploration is that you get to see a lot of interesting things on the road that you might miss by flying. Here is a few of them

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  • Memories of Victoria Falls
    Shared By: Carmel Cheely

    Memories of Victoria Falls

    Aug 15, 2012   |  Zimbabwe

    I had to stop and see Victoria Falls Hotel and the falls after visiting Davison's Camp. The Falls were incredible to see first hand. The hotel was extremely charming...

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