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  • Sensational Seba
    Shared By: Speedy Senase

    Sensational Seba

    Aug 17, 2015   |  Botswana   |  Seba Camp

    Besides the thrill of spotting an eland at Seba Camp for the first time in some 20 years, the wildlife sightings lately have been - in a word - sensational...

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  • Little Kulala - Big Heart
    Shared By: Natalie Boyko

    Little Kulala - Big Heart

    Aug 12, 2015   |  South Africa   |  Little Kulala

    The wide open spaces of the Kulala Reserve and Sossusvlei really lend themselves to an expansive photographic experience in and around Little Kulala...

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    Views: 108

  • Toka Leya Treats
    Shared By: Mike Myers

    Toka Leya Treats

    Aug 11, 2015   |  Zambia   |  Toka Leya Camp

    Whether you're recovering from a marathon long haul flight on your way to your African safari or recovering from an epic itinerary in the bush, Toka Leya is the...

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  • Simply Lovely Linkwasha
    Shared By: Josephine Bestic

    Simply Lovely Linkwasha

    Aug 6, 2015   |  Zimbabwe

    Impressively productive game drives at Linkwasha notwithstanding, the lean, clean lines of our newest camp are eminently photogenic...

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