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  • Desert Rhino Camp
    Shared By: Johann Cloete

    Desert Rhino Camp

    Jul 12, 2014   |  Namibia   |  Damaraland   |  Desert Rhino Camp

    Meet 3Spots, a hyaena pup that has made his home at Desert Rhino Camp between the main area and the staff village, along with his sister and mom!

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  • Rock Smashers...
    Shared By: Johann Cloete

    Rock Smashers...

    Jul 12, 2014   |  Namibia   |  Desert Rhino Camp

    Meet Allen one of our expert Rhino trackers from Save the Rhino Trust based here at Desert Rhino Camp. He can follow tracks right through the rockiest of areas.

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  • Big game at Little Mac
    Shared By: Warren Ozorio

    Big game at Little Mac

    Jul 10, 2014   |  Zimbabwe   |  Hwange   |  Little Makalolo

    The area around Little Makalolo is incredibly diverse and really scenic. As the environment dries out, the game viewing at the waterholes is fantastic

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  • Kariba en route to Ruckomechi
    Shared By: Warren Ozorio

    Kariba en route to Ruckomechi

    Jul 10, 2014   |  Zimbabwe

    No trip to Hwange and Mana Pools would be complete without visiting Kariba – it is on the way, so might as well. Matusadonha is incredibly productive and scenic

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