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  • Action and Excitement at Little Macalolo
    Shared By: Barry Burtis

    Lions rest in sunshine and at sunset. A burst of action as they pursue a Sable antelope. Two males watch the antelope's narrow escape. Real life drama at Little Mac.

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  • Falling for Hwange
    Shared By: Caroline Culbert

    Falling for Hwange

    Sep 30, 2014   |  Zimbabwe   |  Hwange   |  Little Makalolo

    At this time of the year the drama of the dry season is building at the Little Makalolo waterhole: Sable antelope charge in to sip nervously, elephant herds appear from...

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  • Ongava
    Shared By: Lauren Haupt


    Sep 26, 2014   |  Namibia

    The final camp of the Diverse Namibia Exploration is Andersson's Camp, Ongava Reserve. These photos were taken in Ongava and Etosha National Park.

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  • Memories of Botswana
    Shared By: Wilderness Blogger

    Memories of Botswana

    Sep 25, 2014   |  Botswana

    Guest Maria Tol-fakkar shares some of her best Botswana memories from Deception Valley near Kalahari Plains as well as Tubu Tree and Jacana Camps in the Delta

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