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  • Kulala Desert Days
    Shared By: Dana Allen

    Kulala Desert Days

    Dec 22, 2014   |  Namibia   |  Little Kulala

    Kulala a stunning look from up high...a collection of photo's from my recent visit to the Kulala Wilderness Reserve - Namibia

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  • Summer time in Hwange
    Shared By: Kim White

    Summer time in Hwange

    Dec 20, 2014   |  Zimbabwe   |  Davison's Camp

    Summer in Hwange - where thunderstorms develop and heavy downpours are expected, bringing new growth and life to all things big and small...

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  • A Day In The Life of a Leopard
    Shared By: Deon de Villiers

    A Day In The Life of a Leopard

    Dec 19, 2014   |  Botswana   |  Vumbura Plains

    A languid leopard wakes from a deep sleep in a jackalberry & starts to groom - until suddenly she becomes a deadly stalking predator as a herd of impala approaches....

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  • Desert Days
    Shared By: Mike Myers

    Desert Days

    Dec 18, 2014   |  Botswana   |  Kalahari Plains Camp

    Kalahari Plains Camp and Deception Valley are great locations to see desert-adapted wildlife. Highlights were several sightings of black-maned lion, multiple cheetah...

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