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Seba Camp - September 2016

Sep 2, 2016  |   Seba Camp

The temperatures continued to reflect what is usually expected at this time of year.The average minimum was 16° Celsius and the maximum 38° C. The water levels continue to drop daily but even though Seba Lagoon is drying we saw tremendous general game, especially around brunch and in the early mornings with the animals down to drink.

This month was amazing with tremendous general game and a lot of sightings, starting with a lioness with two sub-adult males and the three collared Southern Boys on a kudu kill, as well as 13 wild dogs hunting (with no luck) at Seba West. We saw the Southern Boys on another occasion, feeding on an elephant. Big herds of buffalo, elephant as well as hyaena were seen too.

Then, just the other day our...

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