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Seba Camp – December 2014

Jan 26, 2015  |  Botswana  |  Okavango Delta  |  Seba Camp

Climate and Landscape
Temperatures for the month at Seba Camp were recorded as follows:
Average maximum: 30° Celsius
Average minimum: 17° Celsius

December stands out as a month of exceptionally reliable sightings at Seba Camp. There were four sightings of different leopards this month while in yet another sighting, a female and her two cubs were seen on a few occasions as well.

Towards the end of the month we were treated to exceptional wild dog sightings when a pack of 18 came by. As expected, the impala didn’t have a moment’s rest while the dominant male impala didn’t look too dominant as he outran the rest of the herd during one wild dog attack (although some onlookers gave him the benefit of the doubt, thinking that he...

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