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Kalahari Plains Camp - June 2016

Jun 1, 2016  |   Kalahari Plains Camp

Climate and Landscape
The Kalahari sands contribute to the low temperatures in winter out here where they can drop to as low as 7° or 8° Celsius while thick early morning mist will lower the temperatures even more. However, even the dry, scorched grasses don’t detract from the dramatic landscapes around Kalahari Plains, and our guests are often left breathless at the scenery.

The Owens Boys are a coalition of two male lions which were seen moving back and forth all the way from Deception Valley into Mr Lekhubu’s territory, covering Big Pan all the way to the east of Kalahari Plains to the Lebala Pans. They have been seen mating with three female lionesses and we are looking forward to seeing cubs in three or so months’ time,...

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The wind had been blowing cold, hard and relentlessly for two days. At the break of dawn it would be silent and then an hour into the morning drive it would gain momentum and howl ferociously until just before sunset when it all went quiet again. On the third morning, it was colder than the previous two mornings, a sign, I thought, that the cold front had now blown through and taken the tiresome wind with...

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