Damaraland Camp, Damaraland, Namibia

Damaraland Camp is a Classic Camp

Wildlife at Damaraland Camp

Damaraland Camp in the Torra Conservancy exists within one of the driest, most desolate regions in all of Africa. In this arid environment the ceaseless processes of life revolve around harnessing the near non-existent water in the most economical way possible.

Obviously this scrub landscape cannot support vast, concentrated herds of wildlife, but it nevertheless boasts a varied and breathtaking assortment of desert-adapted species around Damaraland Camp. The Torra Conservancy supports healthy populations of rare desert-adapted elephant and some black rhino. Gemsbok (oryx), kudu, springbok, Hartman's mountain zebra, southern giraffe, gemsbok, lion, cheetah, and spotted and brown hyaena also live in the area. Birding is excellent, with over 240 species recorded.

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