Kalahari Plains Camp, Central Kalahari, Botswana

Kalahari Plains Camp is a Classic Camp

4Cs Projects at Kalahari Plains Camp

A number of conservation initiatives are in place here, from research projects involving the unique Kalahari fauna to working with local communities and lowering our carbon footprint.

Central Kalahari Wild Dog Project

There is little knowledge of wild dog in the CKGR region, however wild dog packs are reasonably often sighted and due to its large size (52 500 sq km) the area is likely to sustain a significant number of wild dog packs. Research is necessary for their protection.

Okavango-Kalahari Wild Dog Research Project

A significant threat for wild dog is the potential spread of disease from domestic dogs. This project aims at determining their movements and then focusing a concentrated canine disease vaccination programme on domestic dogs in these villages.

Community Engagement

Kalahari Plains has actively engaged the Basarwa (Bushman) people to ensure they can benefit from the ecotourism industry. Thus, the majority of staff members were sought out in the local villages and trained to work in the camp.

Green Operating Systems

In keeping with Wilderness’ objectives of using technologies and techniques towards reducing energy consumption and fuel use, and other resource-use reductions, Kalahari Plains Camp is run on 100% solar power, and uses an ancient yet effective water harvesting technique.

Water Management

Since Kalahari Plains is in a very arid area, it is imperative that we look after this fragile ecosystem and conserve water. We have installed water-harvesting tanks at each tent and any other fixed structure to collect rainwater for use in the camp. When all tanks are full (thanks to the 115 mm of rain a year), the camp can harvest 150 000 litres of additional water, reducing the need for borehole water. The brackish water found in the ground beneath the camp is not drinkable and is used in the pool and for showering.

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A Quote From Our Guests

“ The bushman walk was the highlight for me, you won't experience this on any other safari. ”
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