North Island, Inner Islands, Seychelles

North Island is a Collection Camp

4Cs Projects at North Island

Dubbed the Noah's Ark Project, North Island is a sanctuary where natural habitats are being rehabilitated and where critically endangered Seychelles fauna and flora are being reintroduced.

Noah’s Ark Project

Wilderness Safaris initially became involved in North Island with the specific intent of turning it into a Noah's Ark sanctuary before the turn of the century. Over a decade later the conscientious pursuit of such policies is now reaping huge rewards.

Seychelles White-Eye Project

After ten years of intensive rehabilitation of North Island, 25 Seychelles white-eyes (a critically endangered bird species) were released on North Island over a two-week period in July 2007. They quickly settled in and numbers have increased to approximately 100 in just seven years, around one sixth of the global population.

Keeping the Environment Clean

It is vital that our waste water does not contaminate the environment. At North, sewage and grey water are therefore treated in an Above Ground Sewage Plant, ensuring that the water is clean before being allowed to enter the natural sphere.

Children in the Wilderness

North Island runs a Children in the Wilderness programme every two years, with the children coming from the main island of Mahé. A full four-day programme is put together to ensure that the children experience the wonders of the island, whilst at the same time learning about the importance of island and ocean conservation and its relevance in their lives.

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