Pafuri Camp, Kruger, South Africa

Pafuri Camp is an Adventures Camp

4Cs Projects at Pafuri Camp

Wilderness Safaris has partnered with the Makuleke community in a 45-year mutually beneficial lease of Pafuri Camp. Aside from the concession fee, the Makuleke benefit from skills transfer, job creation, training, and community development projects.

Community Partnerships

In 1969, the Nationalist Government forcibly removed the Makuleke people from their ancestral lands around Pafuri. In 1998, the Makuleke won their land back, and in 2003 they partnered with Wilderness Safaris in building and managing Pafuri Camp and Pafuri Walking Trail.

Makuleke Large Mammal Reintroduction Project

In 2005 eight blue wildebeest, Burchell’s zebra and impala were moved from the central district of the Park and taken to the Makuleke Concession; the overall aim being to establish a breeding nucleus of these species in the area.

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A Quote From Our Guests

“ I was utterly blown away. Not only is the Makuleke Concession much quieter than the rest of the Kruger Park, but the diversity of animals, birds and type is vegetation is incredible. ”
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