Rocktail, Maputaland, South Africa

Rocktail Camp is an Adventures Camp

Wildlife at Rocktail

The coastal forest reserve around Rocktail is not a traditional game viewing area, but still abounds with a variety of life providing a natural contrast to the bush. Red duiker and reedbuck are found and birding is outstanding, with a number of special coastal forest species. The reef systems are prolific with soft and hard corals, and abundant fish species such as butterflyfish and triggerfish, rockmover wrasse, various eels, sharks including the iconic whale shark and ragged-tooth, dolphins and of course turtles.

What You Could See at Rocktail Camp

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Submitted by: Caroline Culbert, Jul 26, 2016

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Latest News From Rocktail Camp

  • Rocktail Dive Report - February 2016
    Feb 26, 2016

    Dive master Darryl and a guest spend an hour diving along the bottom of a reef at Rocktail – with some 40 ragged-tooth sharks…

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  • Rocktail Dive Report - April 2016
    Apr 28, 2016

    Just one highlight from Rocktail this month was snorkelling with a pod of spinner dolphins, a rarity as they usually swim much faster than the snorkellers …

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  • Rocktail Camp - May 2016
    May 26, 2016

    A late afternoon Scorpion Walk produces a thrilling sighting of a mother scorpion with her offspring…

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“ If you want to get far away from the crowds and experience unspoiled rugged coastline go to Rocktail Camp. ”
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