Segera, Laikipia, Kenya

Segera Retreat is a Collection Camp

4Cs Projects at Segera Retreat

Owned by Jochen Zeitz, and with the support of the Zeitz Foundation, Segera is at the forefront of change in Kenya; its mission is to achieve a healthy, holistic balance of the 4Cs (Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce).

Acting Today for a Better Tomorrow

Segera spearheads conservation while enhancing the livelihoods of its community through sustainable commercial ventures, education and the support of cultural activities.

Green operating systems

A solar farm has been installed to supply electricity, a waste water recycling process meets all water requirements, waste and recycling programmes are in progress.

Sustainable agriculture and farm-to-table approach

When it comes to dining at Segera a lot of effort goes into our farm-to-table approach. Fresh ingredients are sourced from local farmers throughout the Greater Segera area. What is not grown or raised on our own land is grown on neighbouring farms and ranches, providing a mutually beneficial relationship with local farmers and growers, minimising our carbon footprint and providing vital revenue to, and encouraging sustainable practices for, our Kenyan neighbours now and for the future.

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“ We had the pleasure of spending the past weekend at Segera retreat. What a treat. The design elements fused with quality local produce based meals, a wide selection of fine wines and all served with happy, beaming Kenyans smiles makes this a very special spot to escape from the cares of the world. ”
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Reviewed by: JamesHAfrica, 25 May 2015