Shumba Camp, Kafue, Zambia

Shumba Camp is a Classic Camp

4Cs Projects at Shumba Camp

As Wilderness Safaris began to operate in Kafue, opportunities arose to partner with the local people. More than 150 casual labourers from remote surrounding villages helped to build the camps initially and once they opened over 130 people were permanently employed in various ecotourism positions. Training and skills development is ongoing.

Energy-saving Initiatives

Shumba Camp is one of Wilderness Safaris’ camps in Zambia to pioneer the use of innovative energy-saving systems. These systems are now used as a model to lower the environmental footprint across the entire portfolio of camps in all regions.

Anti-Poaching in Kafue

Prior to Wilderness Safaris’ presence in the park, Kafue saw significant poaching in the 1980s. Game numbers declined before beginning to recover in the 1990s with the growth of ecotourism in Zambia. Wilderness Safaris established a year-round presence in Kafue, employing eight game scouts seconded from the Zambian Wildlife Authority who are based at its camps and conduct anti-poaching patrols from these bases year round.

Kafue Lion Project

Wilderness Trust is funding a strategic management plan for lions in the greater Kafue National Park (KNP) system, including the surrounding Game Management Areas. This will contribute towards a better understanding and the sustainable management of the lion populations of Kafue National Park (KNP) and Zambia as a whole.

Latest News From Shumba Camp

  • Shumba Camp - October 2013
    Oct 31, 2013

    Weather and LandscapeIn October, the day temperatures could rise to 41 degrees Celsius, but the evenings and mornings were very comfortable with temperatures around 15 degrees Celsius. The storms that built up in the afternoons towards...

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  • Shumba Camp - September 2013
    Oct 16, 2013

    Weather and LandscapeThe temperatures really climbed up during this month, with the average daytime high reaching a sweltering high of 40 °C. The mornings and evenings were still quite comfy however. We did receive temporary respite...

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  • Shumba Camp - August 2013
    Sep 11, 2013

    Unfortunately we experienced some serious bushfires in the Busanga Plains in August. With a combined team effort we managed to secure the camps and control the fires. Although a part of the Busanga Plains, south of Shumba, is burned, the...

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A Quote From Our Guests

“ We had some brilliant wildlife sightings while we were at Shumba. In our three days we had really good sightings of a pack of wild dogs, a group of 3 cheetahs, 2 leopard cubs, several groups of lions, about 5 different servals, elephants , hippos, water monitor and roan antelope. ”
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